Why These Chic Bangkok Neighborhoods Worth Your Thailand Journey

When it comes to decide in which neighborhood we are going to stay in Bangkok, we have a lot factors lingering in our head. Hold on to that thought. We need to know more on the neighborhoods before we decide we can’t stay there. Check out these Bangkok neighborhoods to help you decide.

Bangkok Neighborhoods at Its Finest: Ari

This is probably the coolest neighborhood in Bangkok with new restaurants are opening. You definitely can find all options for culinary, from delicious street foods to dazzling fancy restaurants in the neighborhood. You will be able to find many options of coffee shops, and this is the place to meet other travelers.


Aside to the fact that it is located close to other attractions downtown, this neighborhood is the trendiest. It is located near the canal so you get the chance to explore Bangkok in a different way. While it offers great atmosphere all day long, you can hop on one of the nightclubs to warm up your night a little. You can read about it more in https://q-house.pl if you care so.


It is only one stop away from Thonglor if you ride the Skytrain. The best part of this neighborhood mentioned in https://avalonit.net is that it offers plenty of housing options with much more affordable price. While there is no fancy clubs to go out to, this neighborhood has rich alternatives of coffee shops. This is where the bus station is so transportation should be convenient.


Why These Chic Bangkok Neighborhoods Worth Your Thailand JourneyThis neighborhood is the home of the popular destination in Bangkok, Khao San Road.  If you’re one of regulars of https://howtogetbetterinlife.com then you’ll know this road offers magical options of street foods, live music, hippie market finds, and temples. If you need an authentic experience, you get to taste Bangkok from here.

So, there are enough options when it comes to staying in Bangkok. On which Bangkok neighborhoods you want stay? It depends on how you prefer it. So, which one do you like most?