Recommendation of Box Office Movies in 2019

Watching a movie is an activity which you can do it at home or even in the cinema. Mostly, people would love to watch the box office movie as it has been acknowledged by a large number of people. A film which is categorized as the box office comes commonly are the ones that people have been waiting for.

What’s The 2019 Box Office?

This year there are so many box office movies come out and most of them have a really good response from the moviegoers. From the beginning of the year, horror and fiction still on the top of the box office movie list. Moreover, people still can’t move on from the death of Tony Stark on Avengers: Endgame last April. This movie has a huge response from the Avengers fans all around the world.

Here Is The List

On the other hand, if you are still missing to watch some box office movies, here are the recommendations of must-watch movies:

  • Aquaman

This is a fiction movie which tells the story about the Aquaman named Arthur. This is basically a romantic movie which is depicted in a beautiful marine life. Arthur is a half human and half from Atlantis who finds himself has a blood of the Atlanteean descent. He would take the throne and make him as an Aquaman. This movie is actually released in January and it successfully earns more than USD 31,000,000.

  • Glass

This is a psychological thriller within the superhero film. This movie tells about Elijah Price which should prove that the people that she saw has superhuman abilities. This movie was released on the end of January and it has successfully earned more than USD 18,000,000.

  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

In February 2019, the box office movie goes to this animated movie which is also available in 3D.

This is the children’s favorite movie. This movie also comes out as the sequel of How to Train Your Dragon which also got the success since the first released. During the time, this movie has earned about more than USD55,000,000. What a fantastic amonut!

  • Captain Marvel

In the beginning of March, the box office movie comes from Marvel comics which has successfully release Captain Marvel. She is the new member of Avengers which will complete the gang of Avengers before the End Game was released in the next month. The new existence of Avenger member apparently has good response from the Avenger lovers from around the world. This is proven by the earn of Captain Marvel during the time which has successfully earn about more than USD 150,000,000. What a great result!

  • Avengers: End Game

This is the final war of Avengers in which many people from around the world have been waiting for. In this movie, all the Avengers are coming together in order to defeat Thanos. There are so many people who really enthusiast to watch this movie. Moreover, there is always a story from around the world about the euphoria of the End Game. However, people should be sad since some figures of the Avengers are off since the death of Tony Stark as the Iron Man. On the other hand, the world is getting back in peace since Thanos is dead in the War and it made the world is in peace again. This movie has really huge or even massive response from the Avengers fans and it has successfully earned more than USD 350,000,000. During 2019, this movie reached the biggest amount of the earn. Such a good job Marvels!

  • Box Office To Be

If you are seeking for a recommendation movie which will be going into the box office movie, you can watch Aladdin. This is currently filming on the cinemas and you can go to the nearest cinema at your town. On the other hand, you can also watch John Wick 3, to see how cool Keanu Reeves on the movie.

Hence, those are the recommendation of the box office movie that you can watch. If you are still missing one of them, just watch the movie. This can be your movie weekend list to spend the time. Those are great movies to watch and you will never get bored to watch it till the end.


Why These Chic Bangkok Neighborhoods Worth Your Thailand Journey

When it comes to decide in which neighborhood we are going to stay in Bangkok, we have a lot factors lingering in our head. Hold on to that thought. We need to know more on the neighborhoods before we decide we can’t stay there. Check out these Bangkok neighborhoods to help you decide.

Bangkok Neighborhoods at Its Finest: Ari

This is probably the coolest neighborhood in Bangkok with new restaurants are opening. You definitely can find all options for culinary, from delicious street foods to dazzling fancy restaurants in the neighborhood. You will be able to find many options of coffee shops, and this is the place to meet other travelers.


Aside to the fact that it is located close to other attractions downtown, this neighborhood is the trendiest. It is located near the canal so you get the chance to explore Bangkok in a different way. While it offers great atmosphere all day long, you can hop on one of the nightclubs to warm up your night a little. You can read about it more in if you care so.


It is only one stop away from Thonglor if you ride the Skytrain. The best part of this neighborhood mentioned in is that it offers plenty of housing options with much more affordable price. While there is no fancy clubs to go out to, this neighborhood has rich alternatives of coffee shops. This is where the bus station is so transportation should be convenient.


Why These Chic Bangkok Neighborhoods Worth Your Thailand JourneyThis neighborhood is the home of the popular destination in Bangkok, Khao San Road.  If you’re one of regulars of then you’ll know this road offers magical options of street foods, live music, hippie market finds, and temples. If you need an authentic experience, you get to taste Bangkok from here.

So, there are enough options when it comes to staying in Bangkok. On which Bangkok neighborhoods you want stay? It depends on how you prefer it. So, which one do you like most?


10 Easy Ways that Enable You to Watch Sky TV for Free

Commonly, the man’s daily activity is fulfilled by working and getting on some business. Therefore, it is quite hard for those who have dealt with such kind of daily routine to get in touch with TV shows. However, those who are busy working, you can still enjoy the Sky sports anytime you like.

Get Sky TV For Free

Nowadays, technology has been built up so greatly so it is possible for you to enjoy your favorite tv shows. Especially, for those who like to get yourself updated about the latest sports news, you can still watch Sky Sports all the time you like.

The possible way that you can do is watching Sky Sports Online. This is known as the pain TV channel UK that you can have the updated news anytime. You can also enjoy the live news from the channel. Now, there is a way that makes you have it for free.

How Can We Do?

The following ones are the ways that make you able to watch Sky Sports TV for free:

  • Connect to the device

In order to enjoy free Sky Sports, you can watch it through your devices. When watching TV is not possible due to the limitation of the time, now you can even enjoy this channel through your smartphone. Just install Now TV App and you can access the Sky Sports channel on the demand or even the live streaming.

  • Chromecast

This is also a device which makes you able to watch the streaming line or online Sky TV for free.

  • Get the package

Sky sports offers the Sky subscription in which letting your friends or family get access to enjoy the channel. If you subscribe this, then you can even connect to the 4 devices. Then, you can enjoy the channel at the same times with the other members too for free.

  • SKYmobi

This is an app where you can also get access to Sky Sports online for free.

  • Use Sky Go

You can register to get 2 or 4 devices with Sky Go. This feature enables you to get updated the Sky Sports TV away from home.

  • Use Fire TV Stick

This kind of device can connect you to have Sky Sports online for free. Just plug into your device and you can move while enjoying the live streaming.

  • TVplayer

This the best site where you can enjoy the best UK Sports TV channel for free. You do not need to install as you can just sign up on the web.

  • English TV on Demand

This one does enable you to get the live streaming whenever you get access.

  • Freeview Plus

This is another kind of application that you can install on your smartphone to get the Sky TV sports online for free.

Hence, those are the easy ways to get access to Sky Sports TV for free. Those are simples and it makes you still have time to get updated to the latest sports news wherever you are.


6 Great Benefits of Watching Movies

Watching movie comes as one of the most favorite entertainments. Among the other kinds of entertainments, watching movies seems to be simple but much fun. All the things that you have to do is going to the cinema and select the movie which suits to your movie genre. Then, you can just sit and relax watching your favorite one for a couple of hours.

What Type Of Movie Goers Are You?

For some people, watching movie might be called as a hobby. Commonly, they would like to watch any kind of latest movies and leave a comment after that. Then for the other ones, this kind of activity is a good idea to do when they are bored, getting on weekend activity, and even hanging out with friends. Moreover, everybody can enjoy this since you do not need to spend much money. You only need more pens to buy the popcorn and soft drink.

Get The Benefits

Apparently, watching a movie is something which has lots of benefits as the following ones:

  • Entertainment

The core of all the benefits is entertainment. Whether you watch a horror movie or comedy, all the movies genre is basically entertaining. This is because watching a movie amuses all kind of people starting from low to the high ones. All are the same to find out the amusement of the movie.

  • Stress Relief

When you think you feel like stressed out and get dumped towards your daily activities, then you can have such a little sweet escape by watching a movie. No matter what the genre is and you also do not need to watch the updated one. Even, you can just have it at home, and enjoy the whole movie to release the stress.

  • Cinematherapy

Another benefit of watching a movie is a therapy for people with mood disorder and depression. The reason behind this therapy is because pictures can tell thousands of words. Then can you imagine if these kinds of people get this therapy. In addition, it is added by the music which can improve the emotion.

  • Killing Time

Watching movie may kill time especially when you are boring. This is an activity in which you can do it alone.

  • Broken hearted cure

When you are broken heart, then you can actually go watching a romantic movie with some scopes or ice cream. This one makes you getting better and better. Moreover, if you repeat those romantic scenes several times, believe it or not, this can be a heal for your broken heart.

  • Inspiration

Every movie has a moral value in which the people can pick up from the story line. In addition, the acting of the movie characters sometimes can also be an inspiration for some people. Hence, you can watch the movie and make this as an inspiration.

Thus, those are all the benefits of watching a movie that you might be not clearly aware. Watching a movie gives you lots of benefits to you. This is such a simple activity that makes you enjoy the story from the beginning to the end of the movie.


3 Things that You Should Know Before Watching Super Hero Movie

The superhero movie is the people’s favorite movie all the time. This kind of movie can be watched by the ones of any age. Whether kids of adults, you can enjoy this altogether. Therefore, sometimes when you go to the cinema to watch this kind of movie, you can see there is also a family that enjoys the movie.

The Favorite Super Hero

Superhero is not only an idol for kids, but also for adults. This fictional character has brought the euphoria which everybody is fond of them. The beginning of the superhero existence comes from the comics and then adapted to the movie. Hence, sometimes you find that a super hero movie released with the new title as it is like the comic series.

3 Little Things About Super Hero

It is okay for you to watch superhero movies, even though you are not a fan of them. However, in order to make you understand about the characters or the storyline, it is good to know several things before you watch superhero movies as the following ones.

  • The Justice of the Society

One thing that you should know about superhero movies is about moral value. Well, every movie may have a moral value. Basically, all superhero movies uphold the justice of society. The superhero will defend the weak and defeat the enemies that may harm society. This would be something that you can pick in every single super hero movie that you ever watch. Because of the figure, it makes the children who like to watch superhero movies would like to imitate their favorite ones. Hence, this is something good for them.

  • The Combination of Old and New

Those who are superhero freaks might have understood this fact. The superhero movie is initially adapted by the comics. You know that the comic which is usually brought to the movie was published in the ’80s and ’90s. This comic even has the adaption by making them in futuristic look as if in the modern age. In addition, when it comes out to the movie, then it should also adapt to the situation what people think about modern age in the ’80s and ’90s. Moreover, you might be aware that sometimes you were led to the flashback in the movie.

  • Read the comics

Reading the comics will make you more understand about the movie. You will see this as a series of a story while in the films all the dialogue will be shortened and the storyline is being minimized. Hence, reading the comics is way better to do before you watch the movie. Then, you can clearly compare which one is the best to enjoy the movie and is the story adapted similarly to the comic.

  • Understand the figure of the superhero

You know that every kind superhero, they have their own special characters. In addition, they are also given the special power in which nobody has the same one. Then, this makes the people put their concern as the fans of the superhero in particular characters.

Hence, those are all the things that you have to know about the superhero before you watch the movie. There is something good that you pick beside the amusement. In addition, a superhero can be a good role model for the children as they would like to figure the superhero to be nice to others and give to the needs. In addition, super hero movie does actually bring something good to the people who enjoy it. Therefore, if you like to watch super hero movies, it is good for you to get some reference to find out about the character of super hero that you like.


7 Recommendations of Classic Films To Watch If You Love Politics

Talking about the movie, it is believed that everyone has a different taste of the movie. Some people like to watch a movie as long as it has much fun. However, some people like to watch a movie which has lots of clues where the moviegoers will get involved to solve the conflict. Here, the meaning of fun splits differently.

Why Political Movie Is Cool?

Among the favorite movie genre such as comedy, action, romantic, a movie with politics-themed will also get its place by its lovers. Commonly, the conflict in the political movie is quite complicated, but still fun to watch from the beginning until the end of the movie.

If you think that this kind of movie will be boring all the time you watch, you might get this wrong. There are some movies with a political theme which is interesting to watch. This is not only giving you new knowledge about the political condition in a certain era or age, but you can also find out the situation reflecting on the movie. Actually, it brings you lots of benefits to watching this kind of movie.

Must-Watch Movies

If you like to know what classic movies with a political theme which is interesting to watch, here are the recommendations for you.

  • Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

This movie brought you back to 1964 which uphold the Cold War fears. This movie is considered as the political satire black comedy which is good to watch. The setting is on the fear in the Cold War towards the nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union. If you watch the scene by scene, then you can find out that this movie is breathtaking and totally genius.

  • Milk – The grit of the Seventies

This movie told about Harvey Milk who is well known as the gay activist which struggles the LGBTQ rights. He is also the first gay politician in California which is officially elected. In the movie, you may see the tension when he struggled the rights of LGBTQ. In addition, you can also find out how people refuse the rights for them. This movie is very thrilling and recommended to watch especially if you like to find out the LGBTQ issue.

  • Dave

This movie tells you about a Dave who ran temporary employment in Washington DC. His job was to impersonate the president Bill Mitchell which is requested by the secret service agent as the real one is suffering a severe stroke. Here, you can find out how he will face the situation as he was doing a hard job.

  • Election

This movie tells you about the political school condition where there will be so many students who are very critical. However, this is something good to watch. This movie included such a drama, dark humor and the conorary heart. If you are looking for a killer film, then you must watch this movie. This is such a cool movie.

  • Bulworth

This movie actually tells you about a financially ruined politician so that it makes him get a deal with himself about to collect the new insurance policy for the family. In this movie, you will find out that his life during the borrowing time struggling for his family. It would be full of offensive words yet satirical spirit.

  • All the President’s Men

This is highly recommended one as this movie has successfully reached the Oscar. This movie tells about the scandal of Watergate published in The Washington Post.

  • The Manchurian Candidate

This movie tells you about the Korean War as well as the Cold War. You can also watch the acting of Angela Lansbury. This movie is fully cool and let you get involved with the conflict.

Thus, those are the recommendations of the political movie which is good to watch. They come from a different time and story and each of them has a really good plot and moral value. In addition, you can also find out the situation of the government in the movie in the past time yet in a particular country. Some of them even make you think about how the movie will be ended. Just go and pick the ones that you like for your weekend movie time.


How to Choose Great Action Movie to Watch with The Family

Watching a movie is an activity that you can possibly do with your family member. It creates such a fun situation when you watch a movie together. There is a job for you before watching the movie, that is selecting a movie genre which makes them will feel the fun too.

The Art Of Action Movie

The action movie is considered as the full of the fun movie for those who like it. This kind of movie will show lots of action scenes in which some people consider this as a fun side of the action movie. However, this is sometimes are rejected by the people if you invite your family member to watch the movie.

Yes, action movie sometimes does not match for the family member since they might be older or even younger than you. Moreover, when you have more children in the family, watching action movie is a kind of risky.

Tips To Select Action Movie

However, there is still away to encourage them to watch the movie. The following ones might be helpful for you.

  • Think about the place

The first thing that you should think before inviting your family member to watch an action movie is about the place. You should know whether you will watch this in the home theatre or in the cinema. If you like to watch the movie in the home, might be it less serious and you will have less sound effect. Meanwhile, if you like to watch this in the cinema, the whole family member will watch it seriously. In addition, cinema is designed to make the moviegoers get into the film with the sound effect and graphic quality. However, make sure that the cinema and movie that you will watch is family friendly.

  • Watch the trailer and reviews

Another thing that you should do before watching a movie with the family is doing some small research. You can check and view the trailer whether the movie has lots of harm scene which is not appropriate with children under age. You can also read the reviews from those who already watch the movie and make sure that this movie is good for the family.

  • Is it animated?

Watching the action movie along with your family takes more consideration. One of the things is about whether the movie has lots of comedy side or not. If yes, then this might be suitable for the kids to watch as well.

  • Understand Your Family Member

Before you watch the movie, it is good for you to find out your family member. Do they have far age gap from you both younger and older? If yes, then make sure that the movie that you choose would make them enjoy as well.

In short, watching a movie with the family member is totally fun to do so that make sure your family will be so much fun towards your action movie choice. In addition, you can ask them if it is okay to watch your movie choice, when they approve it, then you can just arrange to watch the movie together.